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Shipping and Returns
  Shipping Policy and Return / Refund Policy

Label Ready Products
Our goal is to ship these products within forty eight hours of receipt of payment and final label design. Shipping costs vary depending on the carrier, quantity and shipping method you choose. We will work with you to ship at the lowest possible rate, both domestically and internationally.

Custom Formulations
The lead time on our custom formulations is dependent on a number of factors. Our goal is to ship your custom formula in 3 - 6 weeks. A delivery time frame will be established at the time of your order. Please speak with your Account Executive for more specific information regarding lead times and shipping for Custom Formulas.

International Orders
If you do not already have a carrier for your order, we will source the best possible rates and delivery times with our carriers. We will assist you with all necessary paperwork to get your order prepared for shipment and to help you meet the importing requirements for your country. For more information about this please visit our International Orders Page.

Private labeling and custom formulations are a complex business and the products we ship you will have your brand / company information on them. As such, we are unable to accept returns or offer refunds. All sales are considered final. Before a product ships it goes through a rigorous set of quality assurance checks to be sure that the product you ordered is the product you receive.

In the highly unlikely case that you receive a product that you did not order, we will gladly accept the return and ship you the correct product.