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Custom Manufacturing Services

Custom Private Label Contract Manufacturing of nutraceuticals, vitamins, dietary supplements, and other health related products is at the core of what Private Label Supplements is all about. We partner with more numerous state-of-the-art cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facilities and an experienced team of pharmacists, chemists, scientists, formulators, engineers, and product managers to guide you to a successful health product launch. We're here to see your idea come to reality. From start to finish, from concept to marketing, your idea becomes our passion.

We want to be your turnkey Private Label Contract Manufacturing resource.

What is Private Label Turnkey Manufacturing?

A turnkey private label contract manufacturer is the embodiment of Private Label Supplements. It is a manufacturer who partners with successful companies in developing health-related products from start to finish. In other words, we help take your healthy idea and turn it into a healthy product.

PLS works with a talented team of leaders in all areas of the industry. From product formulation to consumer delivery (and everywhere in-between), Private Labe Supplements delivers results. We can partner and guide you to success in launching health products and maintaining your brand affinity.

Our Extensive Catalog of Private Label Products

Private Label Supplements has an extensive and growing catalog of private label products that include vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, sports nutrition products and specialty products with unique and hard to find ingredients. When you partner with PLS, we'll strive to meet or exceed all of your needs.

We Can Handle Virtually All Production Run Sizes

With extremely low minimums and no upside limit on the size of run, Private Label Supplements has carved out a name for itself by being able to accommodate nearly any size production run. Our philosophy is to put our customer's requirements at the heart of everything we do. As a result, we work to anticipate your needs in a prompt and timely manner.

Our Record is Impeccable

Our expert team provides an unrivaled level of service to our customers. Our team strives to ensure that your product fully meets your specifications, budget and time frame.

Let Us Show You What It Means To Have Private Label Supplements As Your Production Partner

Once you try Private Label Supplements we know you'll be back. Our products are spread throughout the globe and our customer's satisfaction keeps us as the only partner many companies choose.

We know that our most valuable resource is our clients.

Connect with us today and let us show you what a difference one conversation can make!