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Vitamin, Supplement, Nutritional & Nutraceutical Custom Manufacturing

Private Label Supplements deploys a time-tested and proven process to turn your idea into a real product. We’ve broken the process into these eight areas:

Planning: The first stage of developing your new product is to understand exactly what you want your product to accomplish, evaluate competitive products and discuss relevant options for ingredients, formulas, delivery form (liquid, capsule, tablet, etc), time to market, shipping method, and quantity forecasting. Planning is the foundation for a successful product.

Formulation: Once we understand your product goals, we research ingredient options. Our Product Specialists and Formulators will help you create a winning solution, one that truly delivers results. We’ll research the most viable delivery mechanism for your ingredients based on your budget and desired result for your customers. After initial testing, it’s time to design your product and schedule the production time.

Label & Packaging Design: While we wait for the raw ingredients to arrive for your custom formula, we’ll be designing your label and packaging. Whether you use your own label or our award-winning design, you’re just a few short days away from seeing your concept come to life.

Production: After developing your custom formula it’s time for production. We order the raw ingredients, schedule time on the production line, and manufacture your products according to our rigorous quality standards. Your product is bottled, labeled and prepared to ship to your delivery address.

Final Product: Your product is bottled, labeled, packaged and ready to ship. The final product will undergo some testing and your Certificate of Analysis will be issued in compliance with all regulatory requirements. It’s time to begin selling your product.

Fulfillment: Whether your product is being shipped 1 block or to the other side of the plant, our fulfillment team will get your product to you on time and under budget. We have experience with air, land, and sea shipping methods.

Consulting: From concept to completion, our team is constantly working to make your product a winning solution for both you and your customers.

Marketing: Our Marketing Team can get your product noticed. Using various means and methods, our Marketing Team will gladly write your Marketing Plan including both online and offline methods of marketing. Marketing Plans include leading edge online strategies including Social Media, blogs, landing pages, e-commerce, SEO, CPA and CPC campaigns, cross-linking, closed-loop marketing, and much more.

Each one of these area is a critical part of creating a successful health-related product that delivers results for your business and your customers. Connect with one of our Product Specialists today to learn more about the Private Label Supplements Custom Manufacturing Process.

Let us show you what a difference one conversation can make!